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Arizona Sex Defense Attorney

Facing criminal accusations can be quite hectic and disadvantageous. Sex offense accusations are among the worst you can face because of the negative impacts these allegations carry. Typically, you risk spoiling your reputation, destroying your family relations, and even losing career opportunities based on the allegations against you. You have to prove your non-involvement in the sexual offenses to avoid a jail or prison sentence.

The allegations may arise even when you are an innocent party but facing a false accusation or a case of mistaken identity. When handling accusations, you may find it quite devastating to face a possible conviction without a proper investigation being conducted. Thus, considering the services of a sex defense attorney is advisable.

Fighting sex offense accusations will demand a lot of engagement and diligence to prove the prosecutor wrong. Therefore, you need to hire the best criminal defense lawyer who will work relentlessly to increase the chances of a good case outcome. The best sex defense lawyer will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve while applying the best tactics to resolve your issue.

At Arizona Sex Defense Attorney, we have some of the best lawyers to defend multiple sex offense cases. Our team is experienced in criminal defense, with a specialization in sex crimes. With us by your side, you can be confident of a reliable team and strategy that enhances the chances of a positive case outcome.

Accessible Sex Defense Services

When dealing with a case requiring attention urgently, the last thing you want to do is worry about having to wait a few days before speaking to a lawyer. A lot could go wrong during the waiting period, especially in the social media era where news travels fast. To combat the detrimental effects of lacking legal representation, you can contact us for the See More...

Extensive Research on Your Criminal Case

Staying prepared is among our strongholds, regardless of the nature of your sexual offense crime. While working in the sex defense field, a lawyer must engage his/her mental capacity to conduct meaningful and in-depth research before proceeding with the case. Accessing information that the prosecutor may choose to overlook could also make a significant See More...

Good Work Ethics

Without a driving force to deliver the best services, you would lack access to the impeccable legal services we provide at Arizona Sex Defense Attorney. Our team has undergone intense training to shape our mindset and approach towards legal work. Therefore, we believe in the value of hard work and upholding ethical practices when handling any pending See More...

Personalized Services for You

Generalizing on court cases is among the most passively detrimental actions a defense lawyer does, reducing the chances of success in court. Truly, each case is built based on independent attributes. Thus, a competent attorney will need to assess the facts and apply the law depending on each case’s unique characteristics. While the process may seem tedious See More...

Receive the Respect and Understanding you Deserve

Sex accusations and scandals can be embarrassing and detrimental to your brand, particularly in your professional life. To add to the list of detriments, you will have to deal with a lot of prejudice, even mere accusations. When branded as a potential sex offender, few people want to associate with you or even consider your side of the story. Our job is See More...

Rich Experience in Sex Crime Practice Areas

Experience is one of the essential building blocks for any defense attorney as it shapes his/her grasp of the law. Further, the experience offers many lessons unavailable in statutory provisions, practice guides, and other codified sources of law. While working with an experienced attorney, some solutions may come naturally, based on the many years spent See More...

Specialization in One Practice Area for Excellent Service Delivery

By selecting our niche, we have managed to improve our skill and legal craft in sex defense. Our team has handled multiple cases related to various Arizona provisions, giving you the best chance at securing a well-established team for legal representation. See More...

We are Genuinely Interested in Safeguarding Your Future and Reputation

Most legal practices operate with a business mindset that includes delivering satisfactory results in exchange for financial gain. However, the Arizona Sex Defense Attorney team cares about your future, even beyond conviction or acquittal. We value our clients and believe that each person has a right to a dignified life despite making several past See More...

Work with a Dedicated Team of Sex Defense Attorneys

Apart from researching different areas, your attorney should be dedicated to your case right from the start. You need the assurance of continued support, even when other people close to you begin to view you in a different light. Additionally, dedication extends to receiving updates, candid talks, and pointers to look out for the case before proceeding to See More...

Accused of a Sex Offense?

Don't Suffer from the Negative Impacts These Allegations Can Carry.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Child Molestation

Sexually violating a minor by engaging him/her in sexual misconduct is a punishable offense, attracting a ten to twenty-four-year sentence. Under section 13-821 of the Arizona Revised Statute, you will face a class 2 felony charge for the crime, with potential sentence enhancement or reduction. The See More...

Classification Under Risk Levels After Conviction

Finally, even after serving time behind bars and completing your sentence, you will likely face additional disadvantages after release. The Arizona criminal law provisions are very keen on protecting sex crime victims, creating harsh realities for the offenders. Due to this, you will receive a risk See More...

Indecent Exposure in Public

In public, a general rule dictates people to uphold their dignity by refraining from exposing their private body parts unnecessarily. Additionally, a large percentage of the general public is likely to take offense to persons who choose to expose themselves indecently. This is often the case For See More...

Internet Sex Offenses

With the rapid technological developments, crimes in cyberspace are more rampant than before, including sex offenses. The digital space also provides avenues for easy manipulation of information. Consequently, facing false or exaggerated accusations of committing sex crimes is not uncommon. On the See More...

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is also a serious sex offense in Arizona, attracting misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the severity of your case. When arrested for the accusations, you will have to attend court proceedings where the prosecutor presents arguments to show your involvement in the charges. The See More...

Sexual Assault

When you willfully have sexual intercourse with a victim without their consent, you commit sexual assault. The charge also extends to actions like forced oral copulation with the victim leading to significant harm and discomfort during the commission of the offense. Sexual assault is a very serious See More...

Sexual Misconduct

Professionals working in different medical practice areas have a code of conduct prohibiting them from sexually engaging with their patients. The regulations expressly prohibit sexual intercourse between the parties, provided their professional relationship is ongoing.  Due to the expectations for See More...

Soliciting Prostitution

You may also face criminal charges for soliciting prostitution based on the prohibitive laws in Arizona. Moreover, you should note that the offense operates both ways; you violate the law by asking for the services or offering clients various forms of prostitution. Subsequently, the legal repercussions See More...

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Nobody deserves to face extreme prejudice for facing sex offense charges, primarily because he/she may not even be guilty of the offense. However, members of society may sideline you and prevent you from chasing your goals based on a sex offense conviction. If you want to avoid the persistent consequences of conviction as a sex offender, you want to work with a qualified defense attorney with years of experience in the field.

We have perfected our craft at Arizona Sex Defense Attorney, so you can expect to receive the best legal representation before and during the trial. Our track record attests to our high-quality service delivery, along with numerous testimonials from clients we have worked with. You do not have to deal with sex crime accusations in Phoenix, Arizona alone. Reach us today for more information on sex defense services at 602-922-3272.